Every family generates 1,000 litres of wastewater a day, an enormous and unsustainable amount. Help us to reduce this figure. Help us to build a more sustainable future.

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Water is a key pillar for life. It is the habitat of millions of species and an essential resource for survival. If it disappears, is reduced or deteriorates, the life cycle and the natural balance are jeopardised. A responsible society should set out to ensure that this resource is not exhausted, and to return it to nature under suitable conditions as a legacy to future generations.


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The generation and discharge of wastewater is one of the big environmental problems facing the planet, and its consequences threaten people’s well-being, economic development and the conservation of ecosystems. Only 20% of wastewater is properly treated, and there is a great difference between what is done with it in developed and underdeveloped countries.

In Spain alone, every family generates an average of 1,000 litres of wastewater a day. All this water is treated in plants that consume energy, which represents an additional environmental cost. Therefore, we need to be aware of the use we make of water and of the effect it has on the sustainability of the water cycle. The less water we use, the less wastewater we generate and – by extension – we reduce the negative effects on the environment.


There are more than 7,000 million people on the planet and water is an essential resource for its ever-growing needs. Water is needed to create food, healthy conditions and well-being, which is why we need to increase the re-use of wastewater and thus cover demand.

ACCIONA Agua provides solutions to the wide range of problems involved in wastewater treatment. It works in areas where the seasonal nature of populations is high, in plants with limited space or where problems of environmental impact are found, treating domestic and industrial wastewater with different levels of discharge.

ACCIONA works on developing new operational processes and strategies to reduce energy consumption and the use of chemicals in its plants to a minimum. It is also involved in the design of new technologies for the re-use of urban wastewater for new purposes. It has plants in both large and small population centres such as:

Proyectos Life

Through the LIFE programme, the European Union’s financial instrument for initiatives to conserve nature and the environment, ACCIONA Agua receives support for a number of projects to implement innovative solutions in line with the sustainable, intelligent and efficient management of water. These projects particularly focus on the treatment and re-use of wastewater.



This project, carried out in the wastewater treatment plant in Almuñécar (Granada, Spain), applies advanced control systems to reduce energy consumption, the emission of greenhouse gases and concentrations of recalcitrant pollutants in the wastewater. “With the contribution of the LIFE programme, a financial instrument of the European Union”



This project is being implemented in the wastewater treatment plant (WTP) at Archena (Murcia, Spain) and features the use of a water treatment system that uses low levels of energy, specially designed for warm climates. “With the contribution of the LIFE programme, a financial instrument of the European Union”



The aim of this project, being applied in the WTP at Blanca (Murcia), is to obtain higher-quality water for re-use at a lower cost to respond to the water deficit problem in the area. “With the contribution of the LIFE programme, a financial instrument of the European Union”



This project, now being implemented in the WTP at Archena (Murcia) sets out to reduce energy consumption in water treatment systems using renewable energy sources. This also leads to a lower cost per cubic metre of re-used water, which helps in the fight against climate change and water deficits. “With the contribution of the LIFE programme, a financial instrument of the European Union”

Useful tips

Reducing the amount of wastewater you generate at home is easy, you only have to put into practice some easy advices, that will help you to save water


Use the dishwasher instead of doing the washing up by hand. You will save 30 litres of water per day.


Through a simple gesture such as washing fruit and vegetables in a bowl, you will save 10 litres of water.


If you put 2 full bottles in the cistern you will save 2-5 litres every time you use it.


The toilet is not a wastepaper basket. Cleansing wipes and tampons can cause blockages in the sewage network, and each time you pull the chain you waste 10 litres of water.

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Install diffusers and other mechanisms to save water in taps, and you will achieve a reduction in consumption of 50%.

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You can save up to 10 litres of water if you turn off the tap each time you clean your teeth or shave.


If you want to save up to 150 litres of water, take a shower instead of a bath.


Use the washing machine and dishwasher at full load. That way you will avoid wasting more than 30 litres in each wash.


Wash your car in a proper car wash, preferably using recycled water, which means you will only use 40 litres of water.

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With a two-button toilet – or a single-button one that interrupts discharge – you can save 50% of water each time you pull the chain

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